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Use our new UAG technology to create unique articles that pass all copyscape tests plus show as unique to all the search engines.

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How Does The Unique Article Generator Work?

After the source article is pasted into the input text area and the "Make Unique" button is clicked, the UAG software proceeds to run 4 separate code algorithms on the source article.

Each algorithm makes the source article a little more unique, without altering readability.

The end result being a completely readable article that passes the copyscape premium test 100% and shows as unique content to the search engines.

  • 1

    Scan One

    All words that contain apostraphys are converted to the long form version. Abbreviated or slang words are also converted to the long form version.

  • 2

    Scan Two

    All punctuation checked and corrected plus converted to html entities, where applicable. Any quotes found are wrapped in quote tags.

  • 3

    Scan Three

    Random letters chosen throughout the source article and converted to html code. The letters chosen are never the same in each article.

  • 4

    Scan Four

    Sorry, this scan is the secret sauce that we can't disclose. The icing on the cake that makes a truly unique article.

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